Would the statues please stay behind the green rope?

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    One of my two museum visits in Dublin was The Long Room at the library at Trinity College. I've been deeply keen to see the Book of Kells for some 20 years (when I took a wonderful calligraphy course at Reed College). I was, however, deeply disappointed in how Trinity presents and displays the wee bits of their tremendous collection that they in fact share. The Book of Kells itself wasn't on display the day I was there, but based on the miserably lit and weakly labelled texts that were on display, I'm not sure I missed much.

    All that said, The Long Room was visually remarkable. For a book junkie, and especially an old book junkie, all that wood and leather was absolutely delicious. A pretty crap display space, however.

    My second museum visit that day was to the Chester Beatty Library, which was a vastly better museum. They have a phenomenal collection of early, early manuscripts, and their display of the material was much, much better.

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    1. thermophle 90 months ago | reply

      How did you sneak your camera up there? When I was there recently it would have been too obvious for me to pull my camera out, so all I have is a postcard and a memory. I was more moved by the library than the Book of Kells. In fact, it nearly brought tears to my eyes as I ascended the stairs into the long hall. I literally had goosebumps. I could have stayed there for hours.

    2. mseidman 90 months ago | reply

      Nice shot, and clever titling.

    3. Unhindered by Talent 90 months ago | reply

      Thanks to you both.

      thermophle: Actually, I had the (SLR) camera hanging around my neck the whole time, and took all the shots (illicitly) from waist level. As you can imagine, most of them were pretty dreadful, and even the ones that were in focus tended to be (like this one) tilted substantially :-).

    4. ShutterSam & DigiNee 90 months ago | reply

      Laughing! I love books and these captures made me drool!

    5. benrobertsabq 90 months ago | reply

      Wow. Handheld indoors, a great shot under the circumstances, tilted or not.

    6. Stefsan (on and off) 89 months ago | reply

      Nice pics from Trinity College!
      Some 15 years ago I visited Ireland and – as every tourist does – went to Trinity to catch a glimpse of the famous manuscript and its illuminations. But what you get to see there is rather poor (one page behind bulletproof glass surrounded by hundreds of people). Afterwards, I went to Kells where in the local church I found a wonderful and freely accessible replication… I don't know whether it is till there but it is worth a try…

    7. Unhindered by Talent 89 months ago | reply

      Stefsan: That sounds like a cool visit! I've no idea when I'll be back in Ireland, but it sounds like a nice thing to include in a trip. Thanks!

    8. Healed By Art [deleted] 72 months ago | reply


    9. aProximaViagem 37 months ago | reply

      Great photo! We have used it in our digital travel magazine, see it in "action"!

      Thank you : )

    10. Unhindered by Talent 37 months ago | reply

      Glad you found it useful, and thanks for letting me know.

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