Reporter's Notebook, U.S. version

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    Alas, impossible to get in Europe. I am always begging friends travelling to the U.S. to buy me some. I'm down to the last two, so if you're about to go on a quick weekend shopping trip to New York, let me know ...

    1. traveller_sam ages ago | reply

      Pretty cover design.
      What's the size of this notebook? And how it looks inside that make it so special?

    2. niclas ages ago | reply

      Apart from the classy cover design, the size is what makes it special as well as impossible to get in Europe: just 10 centimetres wide -- so it fits into your palm nicely -- but about 20 cm long, which means you're not constantly turning pages. Inside just simple ruled pages. It's just perfect for notetaking when you're not sitting at your desk.

      It really is the classic reporter's notebook -- next time you watch the West Wing, take a close look at the journalists in the press room... :-)

    3. Abizern ages ago | reply

      As somebody who hoards his store of marbled cover composition books - I know what you mean.

    4. niclas ages ago | reply

      Oh yes, the Mead composition books... I think I still have one somewhere... :-) I swear, in my next life I'll have a stationery shop.

    5. nic.garcia 79 months ago | reply

      Love reporter's notebooks. Especially the stationer brand.

    6. G_V_T 58 months ago | reply

      Hi niclas - love the picture, we've used it on Central Station under Creative Commons - a creative social network, you might want to have a browse it's a great space for photographers.


    7. niclas 58 months ago | reply

      Hi Gail, glad you like the photo and thanks for leaving a comment and link!

    8. luhood2012 39 months ago | reply

      Hello. I would like to use this photo in a blog post and was wondering if that would be okay with you, and if so, what should the attribution say? Photo by Niclas?
      Many thanks!

    9. niclas 39 months ago | reply

      Hi Lucy, yup that's fine. A link back to this page here would also be nice :-)

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