Connecting to the Interweb Tubes

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    I dug this broken hard disk out of my PC junk box when I saw the drive shots from europa70, Bald Monk and ianhayhurst. It seemed to be 'drive week' here on Flickr and so fashionably late to the party, I decided to have a go! :)

    The drive platters on a hard disk are about as close as you can get to a perfect mirror so what you see in the camera is pretty much what ever they happen to be reflecting. Using this fact, I thought it would be interesting to try and project dots of data onto the platter using the ends of a fibre optic light. This didn't really work out as the strands of the fibre are just too prominent, however what it did kind of end up looking like is a hole with strands falling away from the surface. As soon as I saw it, I thought "aghhh, that's were the interweb tubes go'! :)

    So for this picture, the hard drive is sat on a sheet of shiny silver paper (these shiny sheets of paper were a good find at a local dollar shop) and is lit primarily from the right with a large softbox. There are also a snooted light on the left as well as a bare flash from the front.

    The fibre optic strands were taken from a $10 novelty lamp. I bunched them up and made a cardboard snoot to attach them to a SB-28. Keoula kindly volunteered to hold them in place while I took the shot as I was having problems holding them in a super clamp and getting everything lined up. Sometimes a voice activated prop manipulation addition to a setup makes life a whole lot easier! :)

    I took the final shot into Paint Shop Pro touched out a lot of dust (even after cleaning everything, that mirrored surface is just a dust magnet).

    Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering where 'the interweb tubes' came from, check this article out! :)

    Setup shot here: Connecting to the Interweb Tubes Setup

    Learn how to light:

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    1. emptyfoto [deleted] 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is so cool! As always, thanks for the great pics and accompanying strobe information.

    2. Blackavar Lion 70 months ago | reply

      That is just tooo sweeet! Nice illusion.

    3. Ian Gethings 70 months ago | reply

      Very cool shot with the usual high level of skill and creativity.

    4. Stargate001 70 months ago | reply

      Very ingenious image, it has real depth to it, awesome.

    5. Bald Monk 70 months ago | reply

      Nice work mate (I'm in SG at the moment, so not able to monitor my fellow flickrites as often as I'd like!)

    6. espngo 70 months ago | reply

      Wow, this is awesome.

    7. Richard Melanson 70 months ago | reply

      The internet is not something you just, dump something on...


    8. KorayGokhan  69 months ago | reply

      impressive idea.
      i love it!!!

    9. A. Amer 69 months ago | reply


    10. muffyzone 67 months ago | reply

      stunning shot!!

    11. Michael Mba | MIDO Photography 66 months ago | reply

      make that 100favs. totally cool shot. superb lighting to go with that

    12. aviana2 65 months ago | reply

      Congratulations on Explore #1!

    13. StefanLichtl 65 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called ** exceptional good pictures ** (invited only), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    14. Yannoscope 63 months ago | reply

      Exeptional work. Congrats

    15. FarshadPix 60 months ago | reply

      really amazing and super great shoT

      Seen in your Strobist set. (?)

    16. Icefreez 54 months ago | reply

      Wonderful idea!

    17. angusmcnitt 52 months ago | reply

      Amazing shot! Thank you for the setup info too.

    18. richard.vondiesel 49 months ago | reply

      since i've been on Flickr, you're a genius ! (Award for your entire stream!)

    19. Dustin Cytacki 44 months ago | reply

      This is cool. If only you hadnt shown me how to do the shot, I would have been guessing and guessing! Sometimes the majic is a good secret, but sharing is nice too! Nice work!

    20. AP0100L 20 months ago | reply

      like your setup!!!

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