• Elinchrom D-Lite 4 on minimum power.
  • Beer goes here! :)
  • SB-28 fired by PW inside softbox.
  • SB-28 fired by PW inside softbox.
  • Clean everything first and save hours of work removing dust in Lightroom! :))
  • Seamless paper black background.
  • Glass from an old picture frame on top of open ended cardboard box. Black velvet draped down the inside back wall.
  • Remember to shut the little door to take the picture! :)
  • Cardborad gobo not in use! Love it!
    Debbi - Debbi in California

Beer Setup Shot

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Strobist Information:

The beer bottles are sitting on a sheet of glass on top of an open ended cardboard box. In the bottom of the box is an Elinchrom D-Lite 4 flash head pointing straight up. On either side of the bottles are two SB-28's in large soft boxes pushed up close to the edge of the bottles. Both are set to 1/2 power (I think). All the flashes are fired by PW's. The background is seamless black paper and there is a length of black velvet draped on the inside back wall of the cardboard box.

I learnt my lesson from the last time I tried this setup and polished everything first to remove as much dust as possible, however I still had to clean up the glass surface quite a bit in Lightroom. I also touched out the back edge of the glass.

Picture here (although not of this actual shot): Beer Picture

For a more detailed description of the setup, check out this article on www.diyphotography.net/ called Floor Lit Table Top Studio Project

Many thanks to Udi Tirosh for publishing this.

Learn how to light: www.strobist.com

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  1. geirrosset 76 months ago | reply

    Of course! That's exactly what it is, I had my aperture set way too big. I should have thought of that. I took some macro's of insects on glass a while back (https://www.flickr.com/photos/geirrosset/1053870639), and the aperture was essential for getting the reflection right. Some times the brain needs a little jump start to remember things :)

  2. nickwheeleroz 76 months ago | reply


    Great stuff, I look forward to seeing the results! :)

  3. nickwheeleroz 76 months ago | reply


    I cleaned the glass using Windex with vinegar (that's the product name, not me adding anything extra :)). I found it is best to use a new lint free cloth (or you just end up smudging the existing dirt round). I also polish one side first, put the glass in place for the shot and then polish the top side. This saves you having to touch the glass again.

    Even after doing all this, I still find there is a lot of dust that never shows up until you start editing the picture at which point you just have to fall back on the clone and heal tools! :)

  4. :James P: 75 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Strobist Gear, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

  5. Matthieu Lambert 74 months ago | reply

    Very nice shot! Love the smooth lighting. Take a look in my photostream, I did a shot of a Stella Artois beer with a top of the line ghetto setup. Behind the scene pics included!

  6. Joe Pitz 74 months ago | reply

    Here is a tip that I use to clean everything before a shoot. Go by your local hardware store and pick up a painting tack rag.

    They come one to a sealed plastic bag. After you clean with glass cleaner wipe everything down with the tack rag. Works great,

    Check out my shot of the bowl and chop sticks on my flickr site.



  7. nickwheeleroz 74 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the tip Joe, I will definitely give that a go! :)

  8. lightydo 74 months ago | reply

    love your tutorials and creativity

  9. me2flickr [deleted] 73 months ago | reply

    참조용 사진하나, 둘 그나저나 찍어야하는데 좀 귀찮아요. by 린나이

  10. MazzaPix 69 months ago | reply

    Great stuff.
    I have the exact same Elinchrom lighting kit, they are very verstaile.
    Thanks for showing the setup.

  11. Joel Abella 58 months ago | reply

    excellent setup... very useful.

  12. Angry Cambodian 54 months ago | reply

    I know this is old, but just wanted to say thanks! I have been trying to figure out how to light my "beverage" shots. Still being new to all of this- your photo helped a lot!

    Great setup.

  13. Soumen Nath 51 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the wonderful strobist information.

  14. msokal 45 months ago | reply

    Creative approach!

  15. Steve Preite 44 months ago | reply

    That is Awesome!

  16. Dominus464 40 months ago | reply

    Hi Nick, love these shots..they look amazing. I am definitely going to try this. Just wanted to ask something. You use a Dlite 4 as underlighting, what is the best way to achieve the same effect with a flashgun? I was thinking of making a conical contracption like a reverse snoot with a diffuser to focus the light as the flashgun would be too harsh. Any other ideas?

  17. rutu.r [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

    Very nice! Love this...
    I sure will try...

  18. raqmitch 38 months ago | reply

    Hi Nick, thank you for this tutorial. I did it as well but I used umbrella instead of softbox. I have issues of umbrella's reflection and the bottle is too dark. You can find the picture here.

  19. captainxo 36 months ago | reply

    Love it! Love it! Love it!
    There will be more bottles in my gallery.

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