• did you get the romantic evening? - kaly-licious
  • Hah, no i dont think so, but i'm sure when i do i'll think of this. :)
  • hey this one actually got it right! fortune cookies can be trusted after all! :] - [sry for the confusion]
  • Haha you're too funny. Although i have had some come true rather unexpectedly. hm

Day 65: How Fortunate

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So i'm at day 65, you know what that means? Only 300 more days to go! Now, like the 300 spartans, I will fight against all odds and come out victorious. Well i guess they all died so that was a bad reference.

Anyways, to give myself some inspiration I whipped out some fortune cookie fortunes and boy was that a nice little ego boost! I'm telling you, never throw those things away! The little guys really come through in the clutch.

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  1. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    @omphale44: well i need inspiration on how to spend my 8 hour work days where i'm not usually assigned work... and this 365 days project thing cause it's vain and i'm starting to not like it anymore... it's still kinda fun though.

    @dadoodle: i love 'em! i collect them and i think i'm going to turn them into a long term photography project (more on that later hopefully). one reason why they're so entertaining for me is the fact that i know they're blatantly false (i mean what happens when a romantic evening doesnt await me?) but yet i still get a kick out of reading them. one of them said "you will be showered with good luch" whether that was supposed to mean "luck" or "lunch" doesnt change the fact that it was most likely not coming true. :D Sadly i lost that one...

    @maria: haha my favorite one is "nothing gets in the way of your vision of yourself in the future." i mean for me being in college, soon to embark on my life's adventure to succeed or to fail... i dunno it's just nice.

  2. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    @bananaterror: haha you commented while i was writing the other one. yeah it's definitely american! i bet people in china would just laugh at it. Then again even the food in chinese restaurants in america isn't actually what they eat in china. just goes to show...um... something about america? haha.

  3. taK-tiK 82 months ago | reply

    LOL! Love the foortune cookie's fortune around the picture!

  4. eastmeetswest 82 months ago | reply

    super cool concept. it turned out wonderfully.
    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  5. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    thank you both!

  6. monsieurmellow 82 months ago | reply

    fortune cookies are great.
    i've now learned how to say orange, yellow, truck, bye and fill in chinese.
    so now i can successfully say bye orange filled yellow truck!
    cause that's what china's known for.

  7. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    haha that's great. I never really read those learn chinese things. i guess i should start...

  8. monsieurmellow 82 months ago | reply

    yea...or you could get like a book or something. no, thats crazy
    go to the direct source..fortune cookies.

  9. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    of course! And we all know the only place the old chinese sages put their true wisdom is in the lost art of fortune cookie fortunes.

  10. ilina s 82 months ago | reply

    such a cool idea!!!!! love this!

    i always collect my fortunes too :-)

  11. Nick Today 82 months ago | reply

    hey Ilina, fortunes are wonderful. I have mint tins full of them! They're fun to read on rainy days. hah. thanks for the comment. :)

  12. airencracken 77 months ago | reply

    Nice shot!

    http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/dna.php?username=39893761@N00 (?)

  13. BƛƬƲĐΐƧƮƐ [deleted] 77 months ago | reply

    Awesome idea and implementation!!!

  14. Nick Today 77 months ago | reply

    Thanks guys!
    This was probably my first creative photo on here. haha.

  15. Linhy 75 months ago | reply

    clever idea

  16. taraviolet. 71 months ago | reply

    this is so cute and original :)

  17. iecrazylately 71 months ago | reply

    :D i keep all my fortunes too.
    best description ever.

  18. Nick Today 71 months ago | reply

    ahah i wow i forgot about that description. it makes me chuckle looking back on it. i feel like i used to be way more interesting.

  19. White Alejandro 65 months ago | reply

    Smart idea
    i like it

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