Pizza Month '08: complete!

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    More about it on my brand new pizza site:

    1. Stewf ages ago | reply

      Hoorah! Forgive the stupid question (I haven't read all your posts) but your site seems to be dedicated specifically to New York style cheese pizza, correct?

    2. Nick Sherman ages ago | reply

      No, actually. It just happens that I've been going to New York a lot lately. Actually, this summer I'm going to have a room in both Boston and New York, so I imagine that trend will probably continue.

      I often will tend towards some kind of plain / cheese pizza, especially if it's my first time eating from that spot. It's kind of like a way to get them all on some kind of common ground for comparison.

      The site is basically about anything relating to pizza. I have all kinds of crazy ideas of what it could become eventually, but for now I'm just happy to have it up and running.

    3. Stewf ages ago | reply

      Cool. Because I feel like your mother and worry that you're not getting enough vegetables.

    4. Nick Sherman ages ago | reply

      Tomato sauce is close enough for me!

    5. Stewf ages ago | reply

      I will be examining your fingernails next we meet.

    6. Zie Martin ages ago | reply

      I have to say, this is's like a reality menu for pizza places. Especially since a bunch of them are in JP, and thats where I work. It would be neat if you did this with other foods too :)

    7. juhansonin ages ago | reply

      Love this Nick.

      You need to let the people speak! Have a parlor by parlor poll for people to fill out... a la Amazon or Netflix recommendations. Then you can start building a giant consumer reports matrix... lead by your most honed pizza opinion and supplemented by the people's choice.

      Rock on,

    8. Nick Sherman ages ago | reply

      Easier said than done… find me a pizza-enthusiast web programmer who's willing to work for free and I'll do it!

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