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if you ever game or think you may be interested, use this deal. the deal is on the orange box; a package of 5 games from valve including.


half-life 2

half-life 2:episode 1

half-life 2:episode 2

portal <-- one of my favorite games of all times

team fortress 2


the steal is that this came out at $50 or so over a year ago. it was well worth it then and is a steal at $10 for today. It's probably down to $30 or $35 normally (?) but i saw the deal and couldn't help but share.


--sale for 2009.04.26--

(after that, it'll be $30-$40 and still worth it)


***even if you don't want to buy it, try this portal demo b/c it is an awesome game***


don't worry that you haven't played the original half-life. the story is done well enough that you'll be recapped sufficiently.


all games are slightly dated by now, as the release dates range from 2004 to 2007. they still all look nice and are intelligent first-person-shooter games with brains. portal isn't really a shooter...but is still first-person; it's more of a puzzle game that FPS players will take to quickly b/c they are familiar with the game play/controls. team fortress 2 is a online team play game. the graphics are intentionally cartoon-like, loads of people swear by this game. i think it's fun, but enjoyed the HL2 games and portal more.


the half life 2 games are first person shooters with range. sometimes they play like survivor horror games (resident evil)...other times there are puzzles to solve, and sometimes you just run and gun. there is always a good story to fuel the game and the characters are pretty lovable.


these games are written to run in windows, but it seems possible to get them to run in linux (, though i've not tried it.


anyway, buy this if you spend any time playing games or think you might. although the titles are older, they will require a moderately powered dedicated graphics card to run (oldest title recommended hardware is DX9 capable graphics card, 2.4gHz processor, 512mb ram -- keep these requirements in mind)


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Uploaded on April 26, 2009