Sunset Drive-In

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    What classier can you get then classic cars at a Drive-In theater? Had a little car show at the Drive-In's last night and drove away with a top 5 trophy!

    So I screwed up this shot big time. I didn't focus on the Mustang, I was upset. It was just after the award ceremony and people were running back to their cars because it was getting chilly and I was just rushed so I messed up the focus but I thought it was a really cool cool picture and wanted to share it anyways.

    Sometimes we just mess up and that's okay. You can't always be perfect.

    1. Netsrak 15 months ago | reply

      Beautiful colors

    2. broomhead_e 15 months ago | reply

      That's lovely Nicholas. The light it great.

    3. Nicholas Erwin 15 months ago | reply

      Emily Broomhead Thanks Emily, yeah the light was pretty good. Not as intense as it usually is though!

    4. Pixeloco 15 months ago | reply

      Excellent picture. Congratulations.

    5. Nick Stanley 15 months ago | reply

      Great composition and colors! I love the theme of the classic cars at the drive-in!

    6. Wackelaugen 15 months ago | reply

      very cool photo

    7. a_radical_eye 15 months ago | reply

      Admittedly I'm looking at this on a smartphone but honestly that focus looks fine on the Mustang, great job especially under the circumstances of the rushed situation.

    8. Nicholas Erwin 14 months ago | reply

      Pixeloco Stephan Thanks guys!

      Chad Davis Thanks man!

      Nick Stanley Yeah it was really cool, I'd love for this place to have more car's only once a year. It's a shame they don't do more, but because it doesn't get dark during the summer until like 9:30pm so it's kind of pointless lol.

      a_radical_eye can't tell on a smartphone. However, the picture still tells the story and that's all that matters. Thanks man.

    9. Pedalhead'71 14 months ago | reply

      Terrific lighting! Movie poster quality image.

    10. Nicholas Erwin 14 months ago | reply

      Pedalhead'71 Thank you man! I might need to get ahold of the Mustang owner. Haha.

    11. DaveWilliams 14 months ago | reply

      Beautiful cars and beautiful photo

    12. Musgrove and the Pumi 14 months ago | reply

      Sweet shot! Classic cars and drive-ins go hand in hand. Not many left. Especially Mustangs with a 666 license plate.

    13. Nicholas Erwin 14 months ago | reply

      Musgrove and the Pumi Haha! Didn't even notice the license plate. Even better. Thanks for pointing that out!!

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