La Colombe Torrefaction, Philadelphia

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    0.68% TDS coffee. That's about half-strength. Depending on how you feel about the coffee quality, that's either a good or bad thing. Sort of both, I guess.

    1. Comet Coffee 60 months ago | reply

      Whatever Nick, you're starting to show the absurdity of the '90s sommelier. If you think about anything long enough, parts of it will annoy you. Get back to your secret aspirations of forming a garage band, you over-dosing punk-rock revivalist with matching tribal tattoos!

      (I've heard these guys were jerks, but wasn't sure until I followed that link)

    2. Brave Little Roaster 60 months ago | reply

      Maybe they _should_ have brewed it with more spice, but the cups are more than fancy enough to make up for it, right?

    3. nickcho 59 months ago | reply

      By that logic, if you believe a TDS meter = an E-Meter, that means you believe that coffee = scientology. Is that so, Mr. Carmichael?

    4. shotzombies 59 months ago | reply

      Todd said the same nonsense here:

      I also believe the world is flat.

    5. Comet Coffee 59 months ago | reply

      here we go again!

    6. baristakeith 58 months ago | reply

      it's all about the handle right?

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