Egypt Will Rise

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    Update 5 Feb 2011:
    I am happy to see the people of Egypt still standing strong :)
    Many have asked for a copy of the Adobe Illustrator file, and because I cannot email everyone individually I have included the link below.

    This link will only be active for the next 20 days as my server is going to get shut down, so get it while you can. If the date has passed and you still want it, just email me.

    Obviously I cannot monitor everyones use of the work but please use it to promote the struggle of the Egyptian people and not to profiteer.

    Additionally I no longer include my name on my illustrations because I believe they are collaborative works. In this case it was with the photographers as well as the people of Egypt. Additionally my aesthetics are not born in a vacuum but are directly influenced by other artists that have come before me, therefore I feel that for me to list my name as the sole originator, does not honestly recognize all those who have directly or indirectly helped to create this piece. My work is inspired by the movement, for the movement, and in my view, was created by the movement.

    Original Message:
    First off, this image is free to use and distribute, as with all of my work, however, I want to make sure everyone knows that I used two photos for reference without obtaining proper permission.

    The main image is from Reuters photojournalist Amr Abdallah Dalsh and the second one is from Reuters photojournalist Goran Tomasevic.

    If any thanks are due, I would appreciate a message to both of them for their hard work and dedication. They have been laying their lives on the line to help document these historical moments, and it is with that same enthusiasm for memorializing those vital turning points towards total liberation that I have used their photographs, to create this illustration.

    Here are links to their photos

    I hope Reuters and Mr. Dalsh and Mr. Tomasevic will understand and allow for the free distribution of this graphic. I am not seeking any profits from this image, as all of my artwork (as seen on my flickr) is all licensed under Creative Commons, share and share alike.


    P.S. If anyone has any changes they would like to be done, please email me (as I am open for feedback). Additionally, if anyone is going to print these to freely distribute or to collect cost plus labor, I would be happy to email the AI file.

    Mubarak must go!

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    1. Feroze Alam 50 months ago | reply

      Fantastic work Nick, well done!

    2. Nick Singh Randhawa 50 months ago | reply

      Thanks Feroze13. I checked out some of your work and its incredible. You paint traditional or digital? If its all traditional you really crank out a lot of work. Keep it up, it looks awesome.

    3. Feroze Alam 50 months ago | reply

      Cheers Nick, there's a mix both mediums there, both oil and digital. :)

    4. pq7391212 49 months ago | reply

      What a powerful image! It was used for this blog post Thank you.

    5. LSaul 49 months ago | reply

      Nick - this is great. You beat Fairey to it, too bad he's probably going to put this one of his shirts and make 6 figures from it.

      We all know that you're the true artist though - good job!

    6. Nick Singh Randhawa 49 months ago | reply

      Lsaul, I'm glad you enjoy the print. As per Shepard, he's a fantastic artist and he is on our side. He also is a huge influence on my career as an artist and I just want to make sure that we keep our dialouge focused on the actual threat. Lasty if he makes a good living or even a great one, he has been broke most of his life, only in the last 10 years or less has he really made as much as he is making, and even still I don't see anything morally wrong with him making six figures on a print. At least he is bringing attention to important issues. Hope you understand my position.


    7. Kodak Agfa 49 months ago | reply

      Dear Nick , on behalf of many Egyptians including those currently fighting for our rights in Al Tahrir square , I thank you so that wonderful iconic post , thank you so much.

    8. thimhz 49 months ago | reply

      Very good! I'll take it to the protests in Brazil!

    9. agnostic pagan 49 months ago | reply

      Excellent work! Any desire to make similar ones for Yemen, Algeria, etc?

    10. Faro_0808K 49 months ago | reply

      Powerful.... Power to the People... Hasta el final .. la libertad, la democracia!!! I will distribute widely. Excellent Work :))

    11. Nick Singh Randhawa 49 months ago | reply

      I would like to make additional illustrations for other social struggles in the east but I don't think I will have the time to do so. I am a second year student in college and in addition to striving to learn all that I can I have to maintain a perfect GPA so that I can continue to receive scholarships and grants which are my only form of income. Thats also the reason I hardly ever make any art, this is the last illustration I have completed in a year. Most of my work is just studies to help build my technique. While this explanation was somewhat drawn out, I hope it gives a more informed understanding as to why I will most likely be unable to create additional works at this time.

    12. You Rode My Bus 49 months ago | reply

      Good luck with your studies and keep up the good work. This is a great illustration (^_^)

    13. msmoneygirl 49 months ago | reply

      Ms. Latina Renee: MY HEART IS IN EGYPT!

      Follow me on fb, I'm

    14. AvantiPopolo 49 months ago | reply

      Fantastic image, I have used it for a solidarity demonstration on Friday 11 feb in Malmö, Sweden. What tecnique have you used to convert the photos to vector illustrations? Any links to tutorials?Thanx a lot for your work, the image will be remembered in history!

    15. Nick Singh Randhawa 49 months ago | reply

      Hey Avanti

      Glad the image was of use. As for my technique, I would say its just a process of breaking down the major forms into pleasing shapes and values. The color scheme was really easy because I took my major color ideas from the Egyptian flag. I dont have any links per-say, but you should just be able to google search some demos on illustration techniques. My main inspiration for developing my current technique would have to be Shepard Fairey. I would recommend getting his books and just studying how he breaks the image down. Since the full AI file is available for this Egypt poster, you can download it, and insert the original photos which are linked from this page. That way you can work through the process and see what I did exactly. Hope that helps.

    16. frederick 2 Baro 49 months ago | reply

      i'd like to use the images for a blog post dedicated to the revolutions, did you have any official words from reuters ?

    17. Nick Singh Randhawa 49 months ago | reply

      Hey Frederick,

      I have not heard anything from Reuters, I'll let you know if I hear anything.


    18. theredpanda 49 months ago | reply

      What do you think of making a poster for the rallies in Wisconsin (and the labor rallies occurring in other states in USA)?

    19. Nick Singh Randhawa 48 months ago | reply

      Hey theredpanda,

      I would love to make a new labor poster but at this point school has me all tied up. Hopefully during Spring Break I can make something :)

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