A is for Alpaca.

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    "A is for Alpaca."
    Lomo LC-A

    35mm Lomography ISO 100 Film

    No Editing, 100% Raw Film

    Featured in the Flickr Blog on 2/9/2011 - A is for Alpaca.

    Shadow Pines Alpaca Farm, Exeter, RI

    A special thanks to Bob & Vivian Ball for such a great time!


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    1. Kartik J 39 months ago

      Very cute

      This is the Llama we spotted in Colorado!

      Llama portrait

    2. Matthew T Rader 39 months ago

      Hahaha!! He looks so cute, great photo!

    3. Sarmed Mirza 39 months ago

      Why is he looking at me like that?


    4. Marina Barrio 39 months ago

      cute cute cute

    5. Nick Benson Photography 39 months ago

      As of 2/9/2011 this photo has been added to 267 people's favorites.
      I never thought i would see any of my photos having anywhere close to that amount of people, add it to their favorites.

      I am honestly blown away. I never, ever thought that this pictures would have gotten the amount of comments, views and added to so many people's favorites.

      Thank you everyone so much for your feedback, your kind words, and most of all... thank you for looking!

      - Nick Benson

    6. Ashy B 39 months ago

      what a sweet faced little beastie!!

    7. Louis Abate 39 months ago

      Hahaha, this thing is great. My girlfriend hates them for some reason and I emailed this page to her... she wasn't happy. Again, great capture.

      Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

    8. Gavin XVI 39 months ago

      Awe. :]


    9. krugerlive 39 months ago

      congrats on the alpaca blog today :) It's really been crazy! I love the character you captured on this guy!

    10. Foii 39 months ago

      SO cute!

    11. hktang 39 months ago


    12. nick.kwok 39 months ago

      Chinese name is 草泥马(cao ni ma)

    13. Lei Lei Kung 39 months ago

      so adorable! where are the ears on this fella?

    14. Nick Benson Photography 39 months ago

      They're hidden somewhere in his 4-5 Inches of fluff!

    15. Anne ♥. [deleted] 39 months ago

      so coool!!!

    16. evinella 38 months ago

      This light and these tones are so beautiful!

    17. Nick Benson Photography 38 months ago

      Thanks, Lomography film is definitely one of my favorite films, it got me some great colors and tones with this one!

    18. kmw1018 [deleted] 29 months ago

      You are invited to add your photo to
      For the Love of Alpacas
      "For the Love of Alpacas"

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