CMWC 2008: Saturday
What an amazing event! It was truly a pleasure to come out, have fun and meet a group of amazing people.

I will do a little more of an event recap when I have a chance but for now I am looking for info on a few people.

1. The guy you see drinking in a number of photos who rides a blue bike with the duel aerospoke wheels.

2. A guy with a custom painted red Surly Steamroller. I believe he was just a local spectator. I said nice bike and he asked me if I wanted to buy it. Caught me off guard at the time, but now I want that bike!!! Help me out guys!

3. Also looking for info on the bike with pursuit geometry being ridden in the sprints.
UPDATE: "i asked the guy (chad) and this bike is a gardin. my friend in boston had one like it." Thanks to Junkernaut

ALSO, leave any info if possible. More riders then I could meet.
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