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First LIght On Proxy Falls- Lane, OR | by Nicholas Steinberg photography
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First LIght On Proxy Falls- Lane, OR

Took a road trip to Oregon last summer and wanted to explore the wonders there. Out of all the places Proxy Falls was probably one of my favorite places and also the most challenging to shoot. The falls put out tons of spray and I would have made Mr. Miyagi from "Karate Kid" proud as I was waxing on and waxing off the hole time..literally! I mean I would turn my back to the falls, wipe, quickly recompose, and then shoot. Then rinse and repeat hundreds of times.I would say 9.9 out of 10 times I had spray drops on my lens. Also this shot in particular was really hard to shoot as I had my tripod legs spread wide out like spider legs between the FG water you see. Found it hard to get the feet of my tripod solidly implanted as there was tons of slippery algae on the rocks and running water thrusting up against my tripod making it difficult to get totally situated. Plus, as mentioned, had to turn my tripod head around several times a minute to wipe all the spray off my lens and then it would move my previous composition slightly, making it difficult to bracket this shot for blending. Once I got half way situated I didn't change the comp. as it was very difficult getting the position I was in. Could have probably got a cleaner sun burst but couldn't move as I would have missed the whole thing trying to reset up somewhere else. Ended up staying at Proxy Falls literally all day to explore the different aspects of this place as there are tons of possible compositions here. Even shot some rainbow light off the falls later. This place is soo magical! By the time I left my bag was pretty wet from turning my back to the falls to wipe my lens. In the end, I found setting my camera on mirror lockup was the best technique for getting the fastest shot without drops, but not a totally flawless method at the least. Would suggest bringing only the gear you need as I brought my whole pack with me with all my equipment, and not only did it get pretty heavy walking around, but could have damaged my stuff pretty easily here with all the different elements of water spray, algae, mud, etc.. Guess that's part of the fun and risk we all take though. Would like to give credit of this shot to Marc Adamus as I saw a previous compositon of his here.

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Taken on August 17, 2012