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Day 1455 - The Murder


2011 - Day 37






In a small, but well appointed attic apartment somewhere in the city, Victoria Benoit, if that was her real name, poured a drink for the man currently lying on the bed in the corner. “Poor Bastard” she thought to herself, “Doesn’t even know what’s coming”.


Through a series of less than legal transactions, our Mr. Franks, came to possess a briefcase of as yet unknown origin, which contained something very, very important to the organization that hired her. She had two directives, retrieve the brief case by any means necessary, and do not, under any circumstances look in the brief case. Simple right? And with the money that they were offering she didn’t think twice.


Mr. Franks was drunk and demanding a class of wine.


Victoria was happy to oblige.


Victoria Benoit:

Here you go sweetie, drink up.


He’d never finish his last drink



The Making Of...


This is actually the first of at least 12 images in a photo project that I'm working on. I'm using my photo class that I'm in right now as an excuse to work on a long term project based around one Victoria Dassin, a young woman, who, in order to make a better life for herself, kills her husband, changes her name and moves to the city.


I've got the ideas for the first 4 locked down and I'm in the process of getting the three that I haven't shot planned out and scheduled. It's actually a lot more work that I anticipated to do specific shots instead of doing everything on the fly.


That being said, today's shoot was a hell of a lot of fun.


We were shooting in Allison's (the model) apartment off of campus, which was up two flights of rather narrow stairs. This of course really made getting all of my gear up to her third floor apartment difficult. But, once we were up there and had everything set up, I realized that instead of using all of the strobes, I was just going to switch the modeling lamps on high and use natural light. This may have made it easier to shoot, but it made me want to kill someone in post.


The set up is fairly easy, there's a big softbox in the back behind the thing with the tree on it pointing towards the bed, and balanced on top of that, there's another light pointed towards the thing with the tree on it to give the effect of daylight. There's also a beauty dish camera left, behind her bed and then a smaller softbox immediately camera left for a bit of fill.


Ok so maybe its not the easiest thing in the world, but in all honesty I was dealing completely with natural light so I was able to eyeball everything, I didn't have to rely on 50 billion test shots. But after spending 30 minutes or so setting up, we got down to shooting.


Anyway, if you have noticed, the strange thing about this shot is that Allison is in it twice. She plays the main character, Victoria and her fiance, Frank. She's brilliant with costumes and, when, while scouting the location yesterday, I spent way too long trying to think of someone she could pretend to murder, she suggested that she play both parts. Awesome is all I can say.


Allison is really fun to work with and is really comfortable in front of the camera so actual shooting took all of about 10 minutes, costume change not included.


But, after two and a half hours of shooting/setting up/breaking up I was late for a super bowl party so I had to leave. The fact that I had (possibly) really good shots still on my memory card was driving me slightly mental so I had to spend about 30 minutes putting a few thing together. This is when the real problems started.


Because I was shooting with natural light, I was shooting at F/3.5 which meant that, between the two shots there was great deal of DoF difference. Shit. So I spent the entire 30 minutes finessing and blending the two main shots together until they looked right. It finally worked though so I'm not complaining.


The original image was a stitch of 31 images, I think this is comprised of maybe 5 or 6 because its about 3 times the size of a normal picture out of my camera.


So yea, that was my shoot. If you want to know anything more just let me know and I'll be happy to tell you.

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Taken on February 6, 2011