Cat's Hill Classic - April 28, 2018
The 45th Cat’s Hill Bicycle Race, sponsored by Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club, a 501C3 charity, and Mikes Bikes, will be held Saturday April 28 in the Almond Grove neighborhood of Los Gatos. The mile-long course starts at Tait and Nicholson Avenues near Mikes Bikes, rounds to Bean, Massol, then features a 23% grade up Nicholson Avenue, goes around Bachman Park, followed by a fast downhill (~50 mph!) on newly-refinished Bachman and right turn, back to the start/finish on Tait Avenue. Races for various levels and ages start at approximately 9:00 am and finish after 6:00 pm. Pro racers climb up Nicholson as many as 40 times during their race, other categories climb as few as 8 times. Video:
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