Granville Island Ferry Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction
23rd Annual

Garbage Can Art
This event really pushes creativity to incredible limits: from aluminum can to art extraordinaire! The annual Granville Island Ferries Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction gives 25 artists four hours to use a little – or a lot – of artistic license. Each artist makes over a galvanized garbage can into a work of art. Once transformed, the cans are auctioned off, with proceeds benefiting art therapy programs at BC Children’s Hospital. For more information, call False Creek Ferries at 604-684-7781.

Participating ARTISTS include:
Nicci Battilana
Krystin Goodsell
Cynthia Frenette
Laura Gibson
and other great Artists.

95% of these photos were taken by my six year old son Duran, the Dancing Man!
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