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[365 Toy Project: 188/365] The Sorcerer's Staff Part 11 | by nur_h
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[365 Toy Project: 188/365] The Sorcerer's Staff Part 11

Aonghas brought Princess Megan to a corner of his house where a huge map was plastered on the wall. It was a map of Ashwood and the kingdoms surrounding it. Ombre was more than three times the size of Ashwood, and bordered it on the west. The Hafod river separated Ombre and Ashwood, and it flowed from the Schneekappen mountain range in the north down to the sea.


The kingdom of Bryn was to the North of Ashwood, and it also bordered Ombre. Bryn was an isolationist kingdom, and while not openly hostile towards Ashwood, it was not friendly either. The kingdom of Beech was Ashwood's neighbour to the east, and it was an ally and trading partner.


South of Ashwood was the Avian Straits and the Isle of Aves, which was largely unexplored but had a few settlements along the coast of the island. There were a few small islands scattered west of the Isle of Aves, where pirates took harbour and frequently launched raids from.


"Very little is known about Ombre," said Aonghas to the princess while examining the huge map on the wall. "It used to be a prosperous country when I was younger. Then, Mortimer overthrew the king and crowned himself ruler, and uses magic to maintain his kingdom. There are many strange things beyond the Hafod river."


"Have you ever been there?" asked princess Megan.


"No," replied Aonghas. "I never have. The border has been closed to us since Mortimer took the throne, and there are guard posts along the river. However, I have heard stories that people from the town of Rath have managed to go across the river, but none have ever returned. I think we should go to Rath and plan our next step from there."


Rath was a small town on in Ashwood along the river, near where the borders of Ashwood and Ombre intersect.


"Lead the way, Aonghas," said Princess Megan.


"I shall have to pack supplies," declared Aonghas as he set about collecting various items from his laboratory and putting them in a large wooden box.


"I will go into town to get food rations. Remember to pack camping gear," reminded the princess.


As Princess Megan rode away on her horse, Aonghas prepared his own horse and cart for the journey ahead.



This photo is part of an ongoing story. Click on the original size to squint at the map :).


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Taken on September 17, 2009