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The Unwritten Life | by Neya photography - every portrait is a journey
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The Unwritten Life

Scene XXI - The game

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The days went by and Paul and I lived as in another dimension. His correspondence to everything was something I hadn’t experienced before and he made me feel whole. There was certain unity between us. I had also been talking to Sebastian by phone and everything felt normal again. There was no doubt that he wouldn’t accept the situation.


He wanted to see me, so I invited him to visit to Paul’s apartment while he was working so we got a chance to have a private talk. Sebastian arrived at the time we had agreed to meet and he hugged me immediately when he saw me. It was more like a hug from a brother than a hug from an ex-lover. I made us tea and we sat on the small couch. There was still electricity between us and his eyes were blinking at me restlessly.


After some small talk I started to tell him about the story how we had found a letter instead of a package. I didn’t tell him about the necklace since I thought it’s not something he would be interested in. The news about the letter got him surprised. I told him how we were almost related and how Marie had left Rafael because she was pregnant. I told him about Chloe and how I had noble blood in my veins.


Sebastian couldn’t believe his eyes when I showed him the letter and he stayed quiet. Pretty much the reaction was the same when I saw it at first. He said that now that he knows, he should let Vincent know that the package had been found. Sebastian assured me that he would do it in a way that I would not get hurt. I couldn’t tell him that he shouldn’t mess things up; I just had to trust that he would do the right thing even though he had betrayed me before - even if it would lead us to a total chaos.


He left after an hour when he had calmed down a little bit from the initial shock. While I was waving him good bye from the window I saw that he already got the phone in his hand; he was calling to the Vincent to tell about the news. Finally he could leave us alone after he had got what he needed, or so I thought.


Paul came home when his shift ended and asked how everything had gone. I told that Sebastian had taken everything well, even though he was very surprised and speechless. The game had begun and now we just had to hope it would go smoothly straight forward or else we all would be in trouble again.


To be continued...

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December 3.2010 Finland.


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