Rankin Bottoms at Douglas Lake
This is now my third season of going to this location for view of nature all around us, my equipment has gotten better but I think my ability to find the birds before they find me has slipped, I see a lot of nature that doesn't like their photo taken these days.

I would of had a lot more birds but I think my view finder is going off for repair. It stopped working soon after I kayaked to the location where the birds were. I need a much longer and better lens to really get good photos. This is the place in TN to go for large birds.

I now have a Sigma 150-500mm Telephoto, my second attempt at getting good bird photos was better but I went to a new location and they were not there in large numbers yet.

I now have a Sony G series 70-400mm lens, better glass than the Sigma but certianly not twice as better if you compare price. The color is actual better on the Sigma while the focus is probably better on the Sony. Time will tell the real differences between the two. Also I like the reach of the Sigma.

Water level has dropped 10 ft, making it very hard to navigate in my Kayak, different bird species are starting to show up. Now the problem may be getting to where the birds are located.

Started to bypass birds that I already have a good photo of, now trying to get flying or different behaviors.

The water is very low now most of birds I can't reach from my Kayak now.

All of the birds photos in this set were taken using my Sony NEX5N camera and all were hand held even worse I was moving and sometimes the bird was moving at the same time. All the Landscape photos for the most part were done using a tripod.
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