A Session with Producer Ken Lewis
Ken called us (http://blog.newyorkbrass.com) to convert MIDI sound tracks into "real" live brass, for a very important client, whom we later found out was Kanye West. The name of the tune is "All of the lights" from his album "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy". Ken is great at getting the sound he is looking for. I assisted Ken in arranging the tracks on the fly, aiming for a massive orchestral sound. All-in-all, many french horn, trombone, bass trombone, tuba trumpet and flugelhorn tracks were recorded. No octave was left unplayed. :)

We recorded using 2 ribbon microphones (one I designed and brought), a Royer 122 and some other mics to capture various room sound and prevent phasing. We also moved around the room between takes to reduce phasing on the overdubs. The end result is a massive sound.

The final release of the track features Rihanna as well as cameos by John Legend, The-Dream, Fergie, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, Elton John (on piano), Ryan Leslie, Charlie Wilson, Tony Williams and La Roux singer Elly Jackson. That’s a whole lot of WOW.

Easter egg - if you look at the pics at max resolution you will be able to see the actual sheet music used to record the song!
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