Watanabe Studios, Ltd., 341 Scholes Street, East Williamsburg/Bushwick - ca. 1987-1988
My first real job in NY was working for Jo Watanabe at Watanabe Studios, Ltd. in one of its earliest incarnations at 341 Scholes Street, in 'East Williamsburg', which is really Bushwick. Later, Jo moved operations to a building at 644 Pacific St Brooklyn, which has since been demolished. At the Studios, we printed museum editions and created maquettes for Sol LeWitt, but also for Donald Sultan, Robert Motherwell, Sue Coe, etc.

I shot the B&W ones with my Nikon FG. No idea who shot the color snapshots or how I ended up with them.

341 Scholes is a 5000 sqft space now rented out for events:
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