NewSchools Summit 2011
For a decade, the NewSchools Summit has been the central address for results-oriented innovation that improves education for low-income children. This year, we took it up a couple of notches. Summit 2011 participants enjoyed more choices in content, more ways to connect with people, more new ideas and people, and more fun. The theme for this invitation-only event was what’s new and what’s next—the ideas, people and systems that will change education in the year to come.

NewSchools Venture Fund has worked since 1998 to transform public education so that all children – especially those in underserved communities – have the opportunity to succeed. We have supported many of the nation’s highest performing entrepreneurial organizations and work closely with them to create systemic change. This year, for the first time, NewSchools is joining with Aspen Institute to bring you an event of unprecedented interest.
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