Diagrams, Drawings & Articles
This section will include any conceptual diagrams of the layout of the year I happen to make and references to ones I find. Also are included any aerial views either taken directly over head with a camera or from satellite images. Early on we had Stuart Meade come out and fly his camera plane by remote control over the garden and surrounding neighborhood. We need to do that again to get a closeup update. The satellite images are not very good resolution but you can basically see what is there and determine when it was taken.

Here are some links to conceptual drawings of the layout of the year. Thank goodness I decided on a clockwise movement as that is the way almost every model is that I have found. The first drawing here is a model of the year with a twist that I had thought earlier would be nice to make the yeaars into a spiral rather than just spinning in place, so I was happy to see someone else thinking along these lines:


And this one is a complex circular almanac called "The Natural Year" that tracks many different phenomenoa through the months:


Here is a reference to a Circular Calendar Sanctuary in Romania from many centuries ago:
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