Art - Ida Outhwaite prints
Ida Outhwaite (1888 - 1960) was Australia's first major children's book illustrator to establish an international career. Although a self-taught artist she achieved an enviable exhibition file (at least eighteen one-woman exhibitions in Australia, London and Paris) and was one of the most significant new illustrators on the English scene after World War I where six books written and illustrated by her were presented in quite lavish first editions between 1921 and 1934.

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite was the first such Australian illustrator whose name alone was consistently a selling point to the public, she validated children's book illustration in Australia as a renowned and popular occupation and was the first to be presented in high quality colour printing. Her two folio-sized volumes, 'Elves & Fairies' (Melbourne: Lothian, 1916) and 'Fairyland' (Melbourne: Ramsay, 1926), still remain the most expensively produced and sought after children's books in Australia.
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