NewFilmmakers NY [ January 4th ]
On Wednesday, January 4th, NewFilmmakers started the year with our Documentary Series, two Short Film Programs, and the Film Of The Month INTERROGATE THIS: PSYCHOLOGISTS TAKE ON TERROR.

Our 6:00 PM Documentary Series about Endings presented four new documentaries. In Michael Harkins FINAL MOMENTS WITH OLD PAINT (2011, 3 minutes) a cowboy spends the last moments with his horse. Madeline Youngberg LAST SEASON (2007, 9 minutes) is a direct cinema piece documenting the months leading up to what was thought to be Coney Island's last season. In Christoph Faulhaber & Daniel Matzke PALAU - BLUE SKY (2011, 14 minutes) a group of six former detainees were transferred from the US detention camp at Guantanamo Bay to the Republic of Palau. As international homeless people the six men are banned to the South Sea, a paradise with sunny sky and shining water. Orrin Luc EMINENT DOMAIN (2011, 18 minutes) explores the gritty underbelly of life in Willets Point, an industrial enclave of Queens, New York, teeming with immigrant auto repair workers fighting against their impending eviction. Defined by iron shacks and dirt-paved roads, the poor infrastructure of the area is ripe for redevelopment; the latest attempt being a $3 billion development initiative by the Bloomberg Administration to convert the area into a retail housing and hotel complex. As the new Mets Stadium looms over the blighted district, Eminent Domain captures the final moments in a losing battle as the workers of Willets Point struggle to maintain their meager lifestyle.

Our 7:15 PM First Short Program presented four films. In Rio Puertollano BROKEN WINGS (2011, 4 minutes), Michael reveals to his friend, Gabriella, that he has cancer. Told through the eyes of a grieving father, Ryan O'Leary BRUCE'S GARDEN (2011, 8 minutes) is a true story about life, loss, and community. On the night of New Years Eve, Kyle Thrash WE'RE NOT WAVING, WE'RE DROWNING (2011, 14 minutes) Cameron decides to rob a Church to help support his terminally ill mother. When things go awry, Cameron finds his world slipping away. Nick DeRuve DR. THOMPSON (2010, 19 minutes) is about a plastic surgeon with the model American family. On Steve's 50th birthday he pulls away from his family and gravitates towards his cyber girlfriend, Kristy. As the relationship begins to unwind it drives him to obsession.

Our 8:15 PM Second Short Program presented five films. In Moema Umann BEFORE BREAKFAST (2011, 19 Minutes) Alfred Rowland is trapped by a life of self destruction. Bill Schaumberg BURNT TOAST (2011, 6 minutes) is a dark, comedic portrait of morning malaise set to the blues or...dude burns his toast. In Jason Kent Carpenter AGENT 6 (2011, 9 minutes), after completing a secret mission for his agency, an agent must make the decision between delivering the enemy device to home base or to go back and save the girl he left behind. Eri Yokoyama STILL (2011, 15 minutes) is set in a cold and dreary NY winter and depicts the awkward and heart-wrenching moments of a couple during their last 5 days together in a small Manhattan apartment. In Erik Peterson CAFE CON LECHE (2011, 22 minutes) the story's narrator moves to New York City six months after the death of his brother. The narrator's brother Jim died in a pedestrian auto accident. The narrator adjusts to city life but is haunted by Jim's last journal, which he wrote in the last four months before his death. This journal rests with Ina, the woman who witnessed the accident. The narrator decides to meet Ina and read the last words and thoughts of his deceased brother. The world that the narrator enters is more than he ever could have imagined. Once he opens the journal, his brother's words pour out and teleport him into a world that the he cannot exit. The narrator is given great power but is forced to look inside himself and confront his inability to make decisions.

Then our 9:45 PM Film Of The Month Screening was Maryanne Galvin INTERROGATE THIS: PSYCHOLOGISTS TAKE ON TERROR (2008, 90 minutes). The film presents a troubling and deeply human story illustrating the complexities encountered when national security, psychology, politics, ethics and morality collide. Until September '08 when the American Psychological Association implemented policies prohibiting psychologists’ participation in interrogations in U.S. detention facilities, the mental health profession’s involvement in the war-on-terror had not been widely publicized. Yet, for years psychologists and other professional groups have gone head to head debating their continued involvement as consultants to those conducting the interrogations of suspected terrorists in detention centers throughout the globe. The film puts 13 such individuals in the hot seat --including military psychologists who served at places such as Guantanamo, a career military intelligence officer, lawyers representing detainees and human rights organizations, activist psychologists promoting a moratorium on continued involvement in centers where detainees lack human rights, and the leadership of the American Psychological Association—and asks, “Can reasonable people differ?”

NewFilmmakers screens at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street. NewFilmmakers LA screens in the Stanley Kramer Theater at the Sunset Gower Studio and has become a leading showcase for new films in Hollywood. Many features screened at NewFilmmakers are now available on NewFilmmakers Online. New York Admission is $6 for the whole evening and tickets are available at the Anthology Box Office the night of screening. Additional information is available on our website at
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