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    The latest advertising campaign by Absolut Vodka for Mexico, created by Teran|TBWA, is causing controversy online. The creative for the campaign returns the lay of the land in the Americas to what it once was. The map depicts the whole of California as still part of Mexican territory, sporting its former name of Alta California - higher California.

    Although the campaign caused no ripples south of the border, many in el Norte have found it offensive. Follow the story as it unfolds at MexicoReporter.com

    Thank you to the ad agency for providing the image, which is running as part of a campaign in Mexico currently.

    Alta California (Upper California) was formed in 1804 when the province of California, then a part of the Spanish Viceroyalty of New Spain, was divided in two along the line separating the Franciscan missions in the north from the Dominican missions in the south. The southern part became the territory of Baja California (Lower California). The two territories were also alternatively called Nueva California (New California; Upper California) and Vieja California (Old California; Lower California).

    Mexico lost control of the territory as a result of the Mexican-American War.

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    1. tomateus1 73 months ago | reply

      habra que leer, como el rob snyder, ese si estudia...
      si no pues el ejmplo tiene sazón:


    2. no direction 73 months ago | reply

      American finally understand Chinese' s view on Tibet issue. LOL

    3. fridattinina 73 months ago | reply

      It's only a cartel!. Be more funnier guys.

      No sean amargaditos, no pasa nada.

    4. War Office Propaganda 73 months ago | reply

      This ad is only a joke, solo es una broma.

    5. artiztiklatino@sbcglobal.net 72 months ago | reply

      what's fucking the big deal? i think its clever

    6. W Webb Design 71 months ago | reply

      Just thank God it is not that way anymore...

      It would be a dirty, corrupted area, just like any border town.

    7. jjess_2001 70 months ago | reply

      I'm going to make it a point to purchase only Absolut when I have a hankering for any vodka related concoction.

      Awesome marketing. And to the person who stated that Mexico stole the land from the Native Americans, come again? If you do your research most "Mexicans" as a racial makeup are a mixture of indigenous American peoples and European (spaniard). So I'm not sure where you get the "stolen" part from. Most natives as myself identify more with Mexicans and in fact were proud to have native symbols on a national flag, ie the Mexican flag.

    8. rolandosiempre 69 months ago | reply

      hello this is dedicated to all the yankees that like to speak shit of mexico or any other country

      First of All
      I will type in english beacause most of you are so ignorant and closed mind that wont be available to understand any other language beside english or how you say american hahaa but remember english is spoken around the world thanks to English People no thank to green goes now that i just used this word just to let you give you a bit of knowledge it came for the soldiers green go = gringo and you are always make confict and war in the world so it fits you perfect

      Half of the US was mexico thats ok but you are just a European Drop keeping their way to kill and get more land and today, in this states there are places like Texas and california where more than 80% is mexican and remember after all the people has the power not the goverment and i have seen places where the white man feels like a tourist in where they call their country you took it but you are loosing it little by little why do you think goverment is to worried about imigration they know
      and just to Add Los Angeles the name is in spanish an California as well was given by Mexico and today is the second city in the world with more mexicans after Mexico City

      and you think everything is nice in the usa is not people in not like the movies they just dhow the nice streets and nice buildings but just a few people lives like that

      for example when have they show The Bronx of New York or some places in Queens
      always 5th avenue or mid-town
      is a country of platic where you can find disneyland macdonals and thinks like that is Feak

      and may be you are so confident in your country but I have see you in different countries and you seem you look so insecure
      if not drinking beer and acting stupid in beaches of mexico you felt real freedom by the first time in your life doing what you cant do in your country beacause you are scared of police that is corruption people start acting for conviction is better

      Well Im getting bored
      so I wiil let you some advises

      1 Get a passport
      2 See the world your self Not thrue Tv & Newspapers you will see is better than what
      they show you better than what you think
      3 go to mexico City see what it is and amazed your self
      4 dont worrie any more about safety the world is mostly safe and may be places that dont
      just like the US
      5 lear some culture instead of video games
      6 go to some place and feel nature leave material world for a while
      7 get into the evolution of globalization remember china once fall because they separate
      them self from the world with their wall just the way you are doing with the border now
      ...............thas good for now

      Viva Mexico Cabrones
      Viva El Mundo

      Paz para quien la Merece!!

    9. mexicois 69 months ago | reply

      clap clap Rolando!!!

      Me gustó donde dices que son tan ignorantes y cortos de mente que no entienden otro idioma que no sea inglés jajajaja.

    10. Freedom of 76 68 months ago | reply

      I was having a flashback to craigslist.org rant and rave section

    11. T1908 53 months ago | reply

      The point of Absolut is to let the world know of what America does to the World, our history books do not teach the real thing. What about Hawaii, Puerto Rico?
      And for those ignorants that should keep their mouths shot instead of giving an opinion before reading (probably can't read either) talk about 3rd world countries? It's people like you that give such a bad name to this country and other cultures 3rd world or not laugh at you world wide you give a bad name to America. Would you like a big mac and fries super size too?? High school drop out?? I'm sure, I feel sorry for people like you.

    12. T1908 53 months ago | reply

      The map shows Mexico in 1825 before 55% of the american stolen.
      How? Here's your history lesson that your books don't teach you.Moises Austin a "gringo" (1820) asked permission to the Mexican goverment to emigrate to Tejas(before it got stolen it spelled with a J no X) He was allowed to migrate with certain restrictions by the mexican goverment as well as other "gringuitos" 7 yrs. later Tejas had 9 gringos out of every 10 residents all of them had slaves. In 1834 the "alliens" gringos tried to be an independent territory. The president of the Mexican Army is captured by Sam Houston and Santa Anna becomes under their pressure and threatend to be killed. Under this conditions Santa Anna sign the Velasco Tredee or "Tratado de Velasco" and that's how it takes place the first mutulation of the beautiful Mexican country. No compesation our what ever else they say.Santa Anna is sent to Cuba.... and if I had more room to continue educating all those ignorants out there I would, but run out of space. Learn before you speak and understand why Absolut is doing that it's not just marketing it's history real history.

    13. mexicois 53 months ago | reply

      When a president is capture, automatically looses all his/her power, so, the "Treat" was NOT valid, period.

    14. thaddeusjude [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

      I only wish this were real. I might miss California a bit, but Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada are gone? Oh, if only they'd take Florida with them!

    15. whiteknight14 33 months ago | reply

      This is getting crazy. ITS AN AD! Who really cares anymore. I sure as hell don't. "You insensitive American" you say. It has been pointed out that Mexico is as prosperous as the United States. Borders don't really matter anyway. And don't even bring up illegal immigration, the only stuff that 90% of the people know about current issues comes from the media, which is completely twisted. (the face in the box. 1984 anyone?) Why are Americans and Mexicans fighting anyway? "Bring it Mexico, invade us, i dare you" Our (the US) quota for pointless wars is currently filled. and besides, I don't know about in Mexico, but in the US Mexico ranks as one of our top 5 or 6 allies, along with England, Israel, Canada, and France.

      International companies control the world, not countries, And this ad is an example of this.

    16. robert_rex_jackson 33 months ago | reply

      Not to nit-pick, but Mexico's GDP as of last year was $1.567 trillion. The GDP of the United States during the same period was $14.66 trillion. It's not exactly a state of parity. And the primary reason illegal immigration comes up so much is because American business uses undocumented workers to counter the third-world Pacific rim labor that other large corporations are so fond of exploiting. Of course that devalues our domestic workforce and that causes problems. Also, a lot of undocumented workers have a string of aliases related to criminal activities and that's a problem, as well. It's very difficult to pin suspects to identities among the undocumented. Really, if we could ever institute campaign finance reforms I'm pretty sure all these issues would evaporate. Because if business stopped being able to legally bribe our politicians we'd have a more protectionist stance on trade and we'd crack down on the use of undocumented labor. Nothing wrong with legal immigration, though. Lot of talented people out there who'd like to work in the United States.

    17. Freedom of 76 33 months ago | reply


    18. M1.MUNOZ 30 months ago | reply

      Dont worry carlos slim is buying everything back for us!

    19. thetrueman654 29 months ago | reply

      this is going to be real like soon!!!!!!!!!!

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