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Polbrook Gurney Colliery (OO), last year Model Rail magazine serialised the build of 'Polbrock' a little known cosy Cornish outpost near Bodmin. Since then, the layout has extended in width, height and length to include a colliery. There is no coal in Cornwall, so Polbrock has moved across to North Somerset, losing a 'c' and gaining and 'o' to become Polbrook Gurney. As with Polbrock, Polbrook Gurney Colliery has been subject of a 'Workbench' series in Model Rail magazine.

Region: Somewhere up in the Mendip Hills NW of Shepton Mallet, an extension of the Vobster Railway linking to the SDJR near Binegar and the GWR near Frome. Trains will tend to be a mix of ex-GWR and SDJR.

Scale: 1/76

Gauge: OO

Track: Code 75 bullhead track from C&L components with code 55 flat bottomed rail in the colliery sidings for that lightweight look, again built using C&L components.

The making of this layout can be observed at and in more detail in Model Rail Magazine.

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Polbrock (full res)
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Polbrock (full res)

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