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Scale 1/76 - OO
Size: 5'6" x 2' (9' x 2' inc fiddle yard)
13' x 2' when coupled to Old Quarry Wharf

Cement Quay is the result of looking at full sized railway freight operations and being impressed by large class 66's hauling their bulk loads. Cement Quay is part of a cement terminal on the river Severn somewhere in Gloucestershire, operations including arrivals and departures of bulk cement operated by Freightliner. Also featured is a stone terminal to add interest, services to and from this being operated by DB Shenker (formerly EWS). Whilst Cement Quay is represents a present day scenario, winding the clock back a few decades to BR Blue or even the days of steam also works due to the non-era specific nature of the buildings.

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Cement Quay

Cement Quay

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