Belmont Courthouse
Location: 45 miles north of Tonopah via U.S. Highway 6, State Route 376, and Secondary State Route 82

Silver was discovered in the Toquima Range in late 1865, and the ensuing rush in 1866 marked the beginning of Belmont. With an abundance of wood, stone, water, and clay readily available, the town grew quickly. In 1867, the Nye County seat was moved to the booming town of 2,000—at the time, the second-most populous city in Nevada behind Virginia City. Belmont experienced a slight decline beginning in 1869, but it recovered quickly following further ore discoveries in 1873. Construction of the Belmont Courthouse was completed in 1876, a strong indication of the perceived permanence of the community. Mining spiked again in 1883, but the boom was short-lived. The mining boom in Tonopah at the turn of the century drew most of Belmont’s remaining residents.

More than a dozen original buildings remain in Belmont and the pièce de résistance, the Belmont Courthouse, is worth the visit alone. Its well-preserved exterior belies the reality that it has been abandoned for more than a century. Inside, graffiti dating to the 1890s make the building truly unique among Nevada attractions.
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