Berlin (Ichthyosaur State Park)
Location: 20 miles east of Gabbs via State Routes 361 and 844

Silver was discovered in the Shoshone Mountains in 1863, resulting in the birth of Union, a camp a mile south of the future site of Berlin. It was not until 1896 that Berlin itself started to develop. Though the town boomed from 1898 to 1908, its population never exceeded a couple hundred residents. By 1911, the town was completely abandoned.

Though by no means a big player in Nevada’s early mining scene, Berlin stands today as one of the state’s best preserved and most visited ghost towns with a well-intact mill and a handful of original buildings. Fittingly, another underground discovery has helped to preserve Berlin and protect it as a State Park. Following the discovery of fossilized ichthyosaur (a large Triassic-period marine reptile) remains, the area was designated as a State Park in 1957. A large enclosure a few miles from Berlin gives visitors the opportunity to view some of the fossils via a 40-minute guided tour, offered daily Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends until the second Saturday of November. The Diana Mine Tour is available Fridays and weekends through late September. Call 775-964-2440 for more information. There is a 14-unit campground in the park, but no services.
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