Location: 25 miles east of Gabbs via State Routes 361 and 844

Ione was the first town born of the discovery of silver in the Shoshone Mountains, a mining district that came to be known as the Union District and later supported towns such as Berlin and Union. The current site of Ione was first populated in 1863. By February 1864, Ione was named the seat of newly created Nye County. The town boomed over the next couple of years but in 1867 lost the county seat to Belmont. The town experienced varying levels of prosperity over the next decade but fell off sharply around 1880.

Ione has retained a small population since its founding and still boasts 41 residents, according to the sign (which also reads “The Town That Refused to Die”) as you enter town. Many original buildings remain, and its proximity to Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park—six miles away—make it easily accessible and well worth a side trip.
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