Location: 67 miles northeast of Tonopah via U.S. Highway 6 and Hot Creek Road

Silver was first mined in the Tybo region starting in 1870, but the town did not begin its boom until 1874. By 1877, Tybo claimed almost 1,000 residents and was one of the most important lead producers in the United States. In 1879, the failure of the Tybo Consolidated Mining Company crippled the town. Tybo barely limped along until 1891 when all work ceased. In 1932, the mill started turning again. Five years later production ceased once and for all, and the mill was dismantled.

A handful of people call Tybo home today. Most of the town’s remains are either gone or fenced off and sport “No Trespassing” and “Keep Out” signs. A sign on the road leading into Tybo makes the claim of “Private Property.” Though the validity of this statement is questionable at best, some travelers might be more comfortable admiring the town via historical photos and accounts.
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