flying over the vortex

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    1. Valentinian 109 months ago | reply

      Thanks Shirley! Glad you like this cameratoss, I created it by throwing and spinning a camera set on long exposure in front of a blue neon sign. That's the "wild" side of my photography!

    2. Lida Rose 109 months ago | reply

      It is fascinating!! What fun to do!!

    3. jason.follis [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      I played with something similar, It is rather fun, but can be hard

      Got bored at a religious retreat...

    4. Valentinian 109 months ago | reply

      Thanks Lida! I remember being bored at similar camps Jason... only so many marshmallows you can eat. The trick to camera tossing is to get a good spin and keep the lens in front of whatever light you're trying to "paint" with. It's not easy as you say though, for every one I put up, I muff another 5.

      By the way Jason,, as a Roman coin collector, a "follis" was a common bronze coin struck by the later Emperors especially around the time of Constantine the Great. The Byzantines 200 years later also called their coins like this one a follis, and the same term comes all the way down to the present in the form of the Arabic word "fals", which several countries like Morocco and Egypt still called their coins during the early part of the 1900's. Cool, huh?

    5. jason.follis [deleted] 109 months ago | reply

      I know, a few years back my father attempted to trace it back and saw it as a Roman coin. I am guessing a poorer slave family named themselves after the coin.

      As well part of follis means "billows" in Latin. Which can be thought of as "full of a hot air" or a "fool" since a fool as little meaning in their words.

      Also, this originated in Europe, but later in the US, two family names the "fOllis" and the "fAllis" came up. The Follis with an "o" were often uneducated and farmers. typically a follis with an "a" were educated teachers, doctors, lawyers, ect.

      Supposedly my father once took a call and was asked his name so he said G. Follis, the lady asked "Is that with an "o"?" My dad said yes and she was disgusted and replied "Well, If my grandmother knew i was talking to a follis with an "o", she would roll over in her grave."

      Sorta Odd

      *btw* It wasn't even outdoors. We sat in a building with AC and talked about Jesus. I am a boy scout, so if we were out side i would've enjoyed it more. had a back ache for a week, because we sat on the floor the whole day.

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