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1. I love almost everything related to design and art.

2. Favorite areas: Graphic design, typography, photography, industrial design, architecture, & interactive design.

3. For some reason i'm strongly attracted to blue-colored food.

4. Favorite music: ambient, downtempo, trip hop, & film scores.

5. Hobbies: Designing, listening and making music, football (soccer), & sleeping.

6. My favorite team is Celtic FC.

7. I love computers and consider myself a computer nerd... Hope to become a better developer though.

8. I love airports and airplanes. Can't explain why.

9. I love wayfinding systems and signs. Can't explain why.

10. I can speak english, spanish, some korean, and a little bit of japanese.

11. My cooking skills suck. The only thing I know how to cook is scrambled eggs.

12. I love roast beef sandwiches.

13. I'm a night owl. My sleeping schedule is extremely messed up. I usually pull all-nighters during the school week and once I get back from school, sleep until 9-11pm.

14. Used to collect sneakers, but not anymore. Got too expensive for me.

15. I'm agnostic.

16. I think I have meniere's disease.



@Everyone: if you guys wish to share information about yourselves, go ahead :-)



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Uploaded on January 15, 2009