Chalet des Fauvettes
On the Boulevard Chapman in Spa, a street with mostly pretty and big houses, these 2 abandoned houses are a bit out of place. One of the houses once got the name "Chalet des Fauvettes".
The other house didn't have a name or title. They seem to belong to each other, cause they're on the same big lawn.

They've been totally worn out, probably by junkies or youngsters, cause there's trash and graffiti everywhere.

The houses are so appealing because they seem to come from long, long ago. I cannot define which kind of style it is, 'cause I can't find any details of the houses, but I'm guessing they're from the 19th century or early 20th century. Shoot me if i'm wrong :P .

I still hope to find more details though :) In the meanwhile I fantasize about who once lived here...
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