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Nebular Map -> we are there | by Nesster
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Nebular Map -> we are there

This is a Nebula map of Clareymontville. The arrow was left billenia ago by the k*kpah when they became confused and remained in galaxy xb3.44.ha*kpf*xxxz0.e of the Franklin nebula with no means to leave. They blew up this arrow to point their relatives to them, who eventually came to get the missing k*kpah.


The k*kpah forgot to pick up the arrow after they were rescued. So the arrow has drifted slowly through the Clareymontville nebulae. Currently it's been pointing at the Milky Way Galaxy for the past couple of hundred million years. Not the biggest house on the street, if you catch my drift.


Anyway, being pointed to by a cosmic arrow does something to your ego. The energy / matter exchange becomes a bit prouder, the elements a bit sharper, the molecules mole a bit more, all the sentients are more eager to succeed... and the sapients, ha! They get so full of themselves, the Crown of Creation crap, you wouldn't believe. Whenever we get any from the Milky Way at cocktails everyone groans inwardly. I mean, ego city! They're so full of themselves they don't even realise it's all an accident of drift - in another 600 or so mill-years the arrow will have drifted to someone else, and these Milky Way assholes will finally deflate.... But that's the long view, in the short I always pretend I'm needed elsewhere when one of them shows up.


Why hasn't it been removed if it's so annoying? As you know the Treaty of Berm stipulates that the originating species must bear the cost and work up the initiative to remove such relics. Unfortunately the k*kpah long ago made the transition from light beings to dark matter, and took their senior client species with them. I hear the life of infinite density is so much better than this light existence, well, there's something for the rest of us to shoot for.


But back to my story - no k*kpah, no money, the arrow stays. And so we have to put up with a roulette of boring assholes from first this then that galaxy... Although the rumor is that this arrow has something to do with uplifting the matter into sapience. If that's so I'd hate to see what's going on in the Hollyhill quadrant, where someone left a galactic bedpan...

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Taken on April 28, 2007