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Bubble Gum Brings Happiness 20/52

Don't take yourself too seriously.


What's the point?

You just look like a pompous fool.

Why not simplify

and simply

just look like a plain fool?


(I mean, just to take break.

Don't make it a life goal to

be the village idiot.)


And if you find

that you can't just

chill out,

from your serious

and über important life,


bubble gum

will bring you down

a few notches,

back to childhood

back to laughter.


P.S. There might be something to be said about just letting it all hang out, too. Usually if I'm going to do a pict of myself, there's hair styling and make-up applying. Nope, it's just the "weekend Kris" under the only kitchen light (out of 7) that hasn't burned out.


The Year We Took Picture: Week 20, "Life: an instructional manual"

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Uploaded on May 24, 2010