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anyone else have this issue where the battery never fully charges? looks like there is 5% left, but never finishes after 12 hours in the dock.

  1. sugarcoma 94 months ago | reply

    guess you should have waited for v2!

  2. Nobody Creative 94 months ago | reply

    Neil you should add this photo to the "Camera Shots of the iPhone that shot iPhone Camera Shots" group.

  3. david 94 months ago | reply

    Mine fills up. In the upper right hand corner, do you have the plug or the lightning bolt?

  4. neps 94 months ago | reply

    Ok - I finally got it to get a full icon, but not exactly sure how.

    1 - I had the dock plugged into my Dell Monitor, which I never turned off. I switched it to the Mac directly.

    2 - I had mail auto checking every 15 minutes, and I had a wifi connection going. I switched it to airplane mode

    within 10 minutes or less the iPhone was fully charged. I guess it was always in use, and there for couldn't complete.

    What is everyone experiencing for battery length times? A day or two? and are you topping off every time you can or waiting for it to run out?

    Also, when you charge, do you power it off, or put it into airline mode, or leave it normal? (if you leave it normal - do you have wifi and auto email check on)

  5. neps 94 months ago | reply

    though since then, I fixed it. On friday I restored the iPhone with the original SW, and since then I've had 4 complete charges.

    Another side affect of the original issue is that you don't have anything listed for Usage & Standby times, just '--'. Restoring the phone also fixed this for me.

  6. RainPacket 94 months ago | reply

    For whatever it's worth (found this link from TUAW), I also had an issue with the iPhone not charging fully at first. I reset it for an unrelated reason (experimenting with backup/restore), and the problem went away. Didn't immediately connect the two, since the night it didn't charge it was plugged into an outlet, and since then it's been plugged into the MacBook Pro overnight.

  7. harshk 94 months ago | reply

    Take it back to the Apple store for a replacement. I had the same exact problem. I was never able to get a full charge, and the battery did not last nearly as long as it's supposed to. The Apple Store on 5th ave in NY gave me no hassle at all and promptly replaced my iPhone.

  8. .........-.--.-. 79 months ago | reply

    Iphone > Android
    Seen on Lifehacker

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