Making Nets - 2009
During the Spring and Summer of 2009, 50 volunteer families, Scout groups, colleges, high schools, middle schools, local nonprofit conservation organizations and individual volunteers have acted as Beetle-Ranchers, raising Galerucella calmariensis and G. pusilla beetles as biocontrol insects to consume and reduce the exotic, invasive Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria) populations that are out-competing native wetland plants and altering wildlife habitat around the Neponset River Watershed and beyond. Whew, that was a long sentence! In this set of pictures, you see project volunteers Marylou Tschirch and Marge Huse creating nets for the Galerucella calmariensis and G. pusilla beetle nurseries. Marylou and Marge join almost 100 families, organizations and individuals who are on the "On Call" project volunteer list! Learn more about this wetland restoration project, here: Listen to, read and see pictures for the Neponset beetle-ranching story reported by Sacha Pfeiffer on WBUR's Morning Edition, July 17, 2009:
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