iPhone 5 leaked 'photos'?

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    I even managed to fool Gizmodo!
    You would think Gizmodo of all blogs would be able to tell a leaked prototype from a leaked rendering! ;-)

    After I pointed it out to Gizmodo the post disappeared faster than Steve Jobs could say 'one more thing'
    (which is why I had to resort to Google's good-'ole cache)

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    1. Edwin Veneman 33 months ago | reply

      Nicely done! If you are capable to fool those sites then you're really good!

    2. Kris J. Anderson 33 months ago | reply

      Well done! They're great renders. I'll never believe a 'leaked' product shot again. :)

    3. paulcmartens 33 months ago | reply

      SUPER impressed with these renders. AppleInsider got duped as well (they just corrected their page). Finger smudges and everything.

    4. Jordan_Crosby [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      www.AppleFanSite.com got caught out as well

    5. patrickmcn3 33 months ago | reply

      what render program did you use?

    6. FotoVideo.nu 33 months ago | reply

      Brilliant! How long did it took you to create these renderings?

    7. yo2boy 33 months ago | reply

      BGR was fooled too.

    8. rckeesing 33 months ago | reply

      Really amazing renders - more real than real - your skills are fantastic!

    9. jadepizza [deleted] 33 months ago | reply


    10. FastLaneJB 33 months ago | reply

      If it's not taken with a 0.3 Megapixel camera with huge blur then it's obviously a fake. Most of the people working on the factory lines probably don't have a high res camera phone plus they are taking a sneaky quick shot so they won't take time to let it focus.

      So next ones need to be blurry and hard to see anything. Then everyone knows they are real ;)

    11. letscommunicate 33 months ago | reply

      I have to admit that is a brill render and photo - you cant tell its not real....

    12. sansam100 33 months ago | reply

      Very impresive I fall for it and even posted on facebook now I gotta appologise

    13. kool_skatkat 33 months ago | reply

      Well done! Great work...

    14. maartenv.oostveen 33 months ago | reply

      Mooie actie :) Knap werk! Heb er een blogje van gemaakt op www.iDevizes.com. Heb aan bronverwijzing gedaan, is dat akkoord? Nogmaals superb!!!!

    15. robertkarlsen 33 months ago | reply

      Epic dude! Well done! :D

    16. evanhindra 33 months ago | reply

      You are EVIL. Evil evil man! Evil for misleading us thinking it's an actual, physical iPhone ;).

      In all seriousness, your attention to detail is amazing. The finger prints, the wear/tear, texture, lighting, reflection, amazing really!

    17. wefunk 33 months ago | reply

      ^^ what evanhindra says: EVIL GENIUS! You so made me want to have a black iPhone 5/6 NOW. Apple should hire and pay you big bucks!

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