iPhone 5?

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    Could it be?
    Based on leaked photos/videos | modelled in Rhinoceros 3D.

    Yes! You too can now play with this model - get it over at Yes! You too can now play with this model - get it over at:

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    1. ShawnInVan 33 months ago | reply

      Good work!

      Awesome that you fooled Gizmodo and practically everyone else on the planet.

      I was just posting a message about these images being faked (the EXIF data and the phone day of May 7? didn't measure up plus the source was Photoshop CS6) but Gizmodo deleted their post.

      Originally found your images here:

      Please share more information about how you created these images.

    2. Chipeau 33 months ago | reply

      Have to agree, that is a really impressive work !

      The modeling work in rhino is full of details and this is surely why this appeared so real. Adding the fingerprints is a good trick. What is the rendering engine you used here ? It seems like it uses a ray tracing method, am I right ?

    3. P E U F 33 months ago | reply

      Which rendering engine ?

    4. Phil Lenton 31 months ago | reply

      Don't see why so many publications fell for these "photos" - to me there are several mistakes (worth you correcting for next time!), including:

      - The wooden floor/table texture: it's the wrong size in relation to the phone! How tiny is the wood? Just the width of the phone (less than 3") is 5 boards?! And you can see the nails - the nail heads are about 1/50th the size of the battery icon lol! Literally smaller than a pin head.
      - It's the wrong Maps icon; this phone would be running iOS6, which has a new Maps app and the icon here is for the old one.
      - It's the wrong signal strength indicator - you clearly used quite an old source image. The indicator for signal strength since iOS4.1 has been far less pronounced.
      - There are nasty PS artifacts around the speaker grill
      - The corner on the top left of the phone (bottom right as we look in the image) isn't quite right.

      To be honest I could tell it was wrong in less than 3 seconds. Shame on the Gizmodo and other publications!!

    5. Martin uit Utrecht 31 months ago | reply


      Finally, FINALLY someone who actually has come serious remarks...only took about 2 months for someone to spot them ;-)

      But hey - the wood; you're right. I wasn't expecting to fool anyone with that one so I'll hand you that.

      And yes - the source images for iOS6 aren't correct but then again, iOS6 wasn't out when I made the pictures (and it still isn't today).

      Considering this was all based on some photos courtesy of mr. blurrycam and a few extremely low-res schematics - I have to say that fooling just about everyone (present company excluded) even with the flaws is a pretty neat feat, wouldn't you say?

      Congrats for spotting the mistakes in only 3 seconds, that's pretty fast.

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