1980 Toyota Land Cruiser HJ-45 diesel Troopy for Sale
Australian Toyota Land Cruiser
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11-passenger HJ-45 (diesel)
Troop Carrier "#Troopy #Troopie”
Long wheelbase, 4x4, 4-wheel drive.
All original l-6 diesel with snorkel,
Bull bars, roof rack & PTO winch.
( 199k miles +/-)
BF Goodrich 31 inch tires with 3 spares.
Right hand drive (RHD), 4 speed manual trans.
nothing rebuilt except alternator, water pump, thermostat & larger fans, belts & pulleys for long-distance summer hauls.
All original and all strong with no leaks & no smoke (only the clean blue diesel puff on cold winter start-up).
interior coated in wall to wall rhino-liner
fog lamps, CD stereo, roof rack.

$28,500 US or Bitcoin only.
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