Vince Clarke Studio 37b 1995

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Spot the VL-Tone? - Hey!! any gear you recognize?, please add notes!!

This is perhapes the last place Vince loved before moving of to Maine. the Ebay sales was some of the remaining content of this set up. Some of the gear was subject to high humidity , mould and water damage, If it was me I would send an order to kill the designer of his studio for damages, (It was built below ground level!).. But may be that was taken into account with the use of a heating and dehumidifier system that was later not employed, so to deem the last of vince's (ebay auctioned) stuff to be mouldy, damp, corroded, defaced & rusted.... However, I don't think that matters one bit as for all the ebay winners to now own a piece of the mans history! good luck all you lucky bastards!!!!!!!

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  1. medu74 95 months ago | reply

    Hi Neil, great pics :)

    I'm not sure but the flood could have been on Splendid Studios (Downstairs Blackwing) and not at 37b

    BTW: I won his Oscilloscope, I needed one and got it very cheap :)

    Kind regards,


  2. Neil Vance 95 months ago | reply

    Hi Medu, Congrats on winning the Oscilloscope, yes that was a very interesting auction shop! I put a bid in for the Fairlight though did not win. I managed to win his Korg SQD-1 Midi recorder, works great, Hey a piece of Vince's old gear for twenty bucks!!

    Any one else manage to win a piece of Vince's gear on Ebay??

  3. Waveterm 63 months ago | reply

    Yeah, I won a Sycologic Midi patchbay expander

  4. Neil Vance 63 months ago | reply


    Congrats - Ahh! yes I remember the Sycologic bay on the auction, The Korg SQD-1 I won needs a drive belt now.

    PS, How's your beautiful Movement Percussion Computer, Boy I would kill for a sample CD, I think There would be a good demand for a Movement sample CD on ebay, I would be your 1st customer!

  5. olivgrau 56 months ago | reply

    Oh man, I really missed something out there ... VC stuff for sale on ebay! Man, damn! Did Martin Gore won something off that? Must have been the time he was busy on ebay whilst recording SOTU. ;-) I decorated my studio with the poster from the tour, and gave it a really nice (not broken!) frame! *g*

  6. analogueandy 53 months ago | reply

    [i]Any one else manage to win a piece of Vince's gear on Ebay??[/i]

    Think I've mentioned it somewhere else but I won his studio monitors - Visonik Davids. Great sound - even if the cones were a bit mouldy :-)

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