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Enter the Grid

UPDATE: These mods no longer work in Lion (10.7) or Mountain Lion (10.8)


So today I finally made it to see Tron, yes finally. I came home and turned on my iMac and saw my login screen and I was thinking, “I wish this would be like the world of Tron” So I decided to edit some system files and make a Tron Login. First I had to make a background that wasn’t branded with any Disney or Tron logos to make it more realistic, so I just gave up trying to find one and made my own. Then I replaced the Apple logo with the Blue Light Disc icon by Matthew Rex Downham. I also replaced the text “Mac OS X” with “The Grid” and the “Network Accounts Available” with “System Monitor Active.” I also made the default object to show the Network Status (versus time, host, serial number, etc). Most of these changes can actually be made with the freeware Ravissant. It isn’t visible in this screen shot, but I created a new icon to replace the orange check mark icon that indicates current users logged in with a glowing orange circle. Overall I think that it came out pretty well.



First things first, start by grabbing a copy of Ravissant if you haven’t already. We’ll also need the Tron Light Disc pack from Matthew Rex Downham. Last thing to download is my zip of replacements here. I hope that you all enjoy the new look.

1) Open Ravissant and drag which ever icon of the 4 from the light disc pack that you want over the apple logo while the “logo” tab is selected

2) Go to “OS Text” and replace “Mac OSX” with “The Grid”

3) Go to “Host Info” and select “Network Account Status”

4) Go to “Background” and drag the Tron wallpaper over it

Note; I included the single tile image that you can use to generate a wallpaper of the resolution proper for your own screen or device. The wallpaper included is 1680px*1050px

5) Hit cmd+return or go to “Logins>Apply”


Now comes the fun part, to get the “System Monitor Active” text to show and not the “Network Accounts Available” we have to modify some core system files.

6) Go to;


and either open the file and manually edit it, or replace it with the one that I provided, and authenticate when asked for it.

Note; If you want to manually edit the file, you will have to save it to some where else because you don’t have write permissions by default. So you would have to save to your desktop or some where and the drag and drop to replace and authenticate the file.

7) Restart your Mac and you will be greeted with your all new Tron styled Login Screen, you’re welcome :)


*** At this point, you have the Tron Login Screen completed, if you want there is a “suspended.tiff” file in the zip, this can be used to replace the one found in;


You will have to authenticate the replacement just like with the loginwindow.strings transfer. I decided to replace the orange check mark, that would normally be present when an account is logged in, mostly because it just looked out of place to me.

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Taken on January 27, 2011