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Plains Bison | by neil.fisher
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Plains Bison

Taking a page from the social groupings of beluga whales, plains bison essentially have a girls club and a boys club. Cows of all ages, along with immature bulls, stick together and are joined by breeding bulls only for a brief period from mid July to mid August - that’s all the time they need. Gestation is nine and a half months, with most cows giving birth in May or June. If you’ve got the thirst to see bison in the wild, take note of these two time periods, May through June and July through August. When males are rutting in summer they have a temper, and when new mothers are watching over their young in the late spring they’re overly protective. Introducing the bison viewing rule of thumb: with your arm fully out stretched in front of yourself, make a first with your thumb extended, if your thumb is unable to eclipse a bison standing sideways - you’re too close! If a bison begins shaking its head, pawing at the ground, snorting loudly, or raising its tail, it’s telling you to bugger off.


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Taken on March 24, 2015