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Union Station Los Angeles

Union Station is one of my favorite places in Southern California. All you have to do is fill out a release and they will let you shoot with a tripod. If it's for commercial use, all you have to do is pull up with a Brinks truck and give them the keys. Once they count the money, I think you may start shooting. If you're an observer and have spent some time here, you'll never forget it. You'll start to see this famous spot in commercials, TV shows, movies, print ads and catalogs. Nikon did a catalog shoot here a couple years ago. I think it was for the D700 or maybe the D3X.


I think I'm addicted to processing these HDR vertoramas. Maybe it's the challenge of getting everything straight. Maybe it's the restoration of color, pixel by pixel to recreate a scene from long gone. Maybe it's the German in me. Maybe I'm a fool.

This ceiling took hours to bring back. to life. Each tone and color were masked separately and color corrected. As were the windows, panes, trims, seats, floor, people and walls. I don't just mean each color either. For instance, the ceiling has three separate shades of red in the wood grain. That means thee separate detail masks.

Oh well, no point in figuring out my obsessions now. I'll just try another one.

If anyone know's of any large, detailed and colorful rooms like this, in Southern California, Arizona or Nevada, I'm looking for suggestions.


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Taken on February 19, 2012