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Cold Wave

Last night Southern California had experienced a wonderfully violent storm. The rare occasion when the horizon is clear and the storm clouds above look like a Colorado ski resort. When the sun sets, the glow illuminates the clouds and we whiteness an beautiful explosion of color.

The wind brought 20 foot waves that resulted in 60 foot splashes against the coastal rocks. Not only was I lucky enough to be standing here with my camera and tripod but I was in the middle of filming a video when the sound of three helicopters came into microphone. As a giant wave hit this deck and the spray cleared, I saw Marine One, President Obama's helicopters fly right through my video frame. I believe he just got into town and was on his way to Trump National, about a mile from this spot, to stay the night. You may see the video if you Click HERE


This moment reminded me why I do this....I loved it.


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Taken on February 15, 2012