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Saltwater Pool

This saltwater pool was built mid 20th century by a man that owned the house just behind me. It was built for children to play in without fear of being swept out to sea by the waves. Few people are aware of this public beach because it's elusive entrance, there's only four parking spots and one would think that it's private. Lined by Multi million dollar beach houses and flanked by jagged coastline, it just looks like you're not allowed to be there. To the contrary, the locals that I've met are welcoming and always very interested in what I'm doing....


Lately I'm seeing a lot of HDR images with blown out highlights especially in the clouds. Here's three easy ways to get rid of them.

1. Shoot more exposures. Your darkest exposure should never be blown out, if it is, shoot more.

2. Photoshop: Image / Adjustments / Shadows and highlights. Make sure you check the box that reads "show me more" and play with it until the highlights are fixed.

3. Topaz Detail is a fantastic piece of software that has a simple slider named "protect the highlights." that will often do the trick.

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Taken on November 3, 2011