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"The Lady Imatra, 2021 Update" | by skye.nefekalum
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"The Lady Imatra, 2021 Update"

This old role-play character of mine was in dire need of an update, so here she is.


Head: Lelutka - Zora

Skin by Heaux

Face Scar: Nefekalum Tattoos - Imatra



"The continued concern of the concept of immortality is that one may lose themselves to madness while weathering its ebbs and flows. It is a constant risk amongst the Fey, that perhaps this deed, this act of horror will tug free the final lacing of a precarious balance and send the contents of sanity scattering loose to the winds much like the contents of Pandora's box. The candle-light sends flickering images across mother-of-pearl skin as it shimmers, cutting a narrow path through the night around her. Her palms cup that flickering darkness and roll it between slender, delicate fingers as though she is orchestrating some private symphony comprised of nothing else but the spitting candle wicks, the shadows licking against her hands, and her own grief.


“Would you have me descend into madness?” She whispers to the confining walls of her chamber, her voice just another shadow to fall within the others gathering around her. The candle flames reflect in the mirrored surface of her eyes, turning a trinity of golden hues into something ethereal, shadowing them within the delicate features of an angled face. Beauty transforms into something haunted, elegance into little more than a whisper of what may be when she is not here in this place, in this moment.


/Madness is already yours, my lady./ It whispers back from shadowed recesses, slides across the floor and shudders across her skin. /As am I./"

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Uploaded on February 18, 2021