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Touch the Hiney! (Heineken) | by Aurimas Adomavicius
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Touch the Hiney! (Heineken)

My initial product shoot kinda failed because I was too busy cooking some chicken and trying to adjust the strobes... all at the same time.


I'm glad to report the chicken came out just fine. The pictures, however, left much to be desired.


Here's the setup shot.


With a couple of soldiers still left in the sixpack I purcahsed the other day I engaged the subject with fierce intensity. Nothing better than knowing you get to drink it at the end, right?


Anyway, I started by setting up the base background lighting. After I was happy with that, I started playing with a transparent zipdisc reflector and one light. I decided to try an umbrella but I don't think that looked good due to it's prongs being visible in the reflection. I switched back to the reflector and bumped up the power to get the highlight.


I then toned down the background light a little (which is a gelled EX580 shooting at a brown wall!) and added another shoot through reflector and another light pointed from behind the bottle at a 45 deg. angle.


Finally I cracked open another beer (wanted to get my light set up before I poured it so I could get the bubbles / foam) and tried a


I liked the one with the glass on the left because the highlights on it looked much better and switched to a yellow gel.


For the final image I actually took 2 shots (one from a green gel and another from a yellow gel) and blended in the green bottle into the yellow shot (I thought the yellow bottle was too... well, yellow for a Heineken product shot).


That's about it. Used 3 lights total - 2x LP120's, and a Canon 580EX. The base of the shot is a highly reflective plexiglass like stuff you can get at home depot for ~$15 a 2x2 foot sheet.

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Taken on April 22, 2010